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Airline Enterprise is a real time, web based airline management game that puts you in control of your own virtual airline. As CEO, you have a lot of decisions to make. Do you purchase aircraft, or lease them? Which cities do you want to serve, and what routes should you fly? All of these decisions will come together to create your own unique airline that competes in real time with other players from around the world.

We are currently in the public beta phase of testing. You may register an account and play the game, but just keep in mind you may run into bugs or issues along the way. The goal of public beta is to address as many of these issues as we can before officially launching the game.

Airline Enterprise is and always will be completely free to play. There are no hidden fees, advertisements or in-game purchases. Before you play, check out the Getting Started guide as well as the complete Game Guide. You may also want to browse or join our Forums for more information about the game, and to chat with fellow players and game developers.

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Game News & Updates

March 17, 2019 - March Updates

As we are nearing the next game reset, I want to inform everyone of some updates/patches that were made to the game over this past weekend:

1) You can now choose a cabin config to be installed when purchasing a new aircraft. (in addition to leasing, which was added last month). Also, you will no longer pay the installation cost until the aircraft is actually delivered - this goes for both leasing and buying new aircraft.

2) Territories have been implemented into political restrictions. For more info and to see a list of territories in the game, see this post on our forums.

3) A route scheduling bug that sometimes allowed flights to be scheduled even though the aircraft assigned to the route was not located at the initial departure airport of the route, has been fixed.

4) A change was made to the route activation script - upon route activation (Flipping the switch on the route overview page), the route will schedule for the next TWO days - either today, and tomorrow, or tomorrow and the day after (depending on the departure time of the route and the time of activation). This should solve the "2nd day skip" bug that we have been having. Please let me know if you have any issues, notice duplicated flights, flights being scheduled at the wrong dates/times, etc.

Hopefully in early April we will be able to get the new server set up and perform the game reset.

February 3, 2019 - Political Restrictions Implemented

As has been planned for many months, simple political restrictions have just now been implemented into the route creation process of the game. This does not affect routes/flights already created, it only affects new routes created after this point in time.

I am calling it "simple" political restrictions because it lacks some of the more detailed aspects of a full system like route-specific restrictions, airport time restrictions, 5th freedom flights, country-specific restrictions and so on. Those will come after the reset as feature enhancements. However, it does offer support for the EU. In short:

If you are not based in the EU:

1) Your flights must begin or end from your home country. Two consecutive flights outside of your home country are not allowed.

If you are based in the EU:

1) Your flights must begin or end from either your home country, or a country in the EU.
2) If you are flying to a country that is not in the EU, the other airport must be in your home country (as in real life).

That's it. As time goes on we will perfect this system and add more restrictions and allowances to reflect real political restrictions. For discussion see this thread in our forums.

January 19, 2019 - Changes to Reputation System

Two changes have been made to the reputation system today:

1) I have altered the passenger expectations in all classes. In general, expectations of all passengers have been lowered, most noticeably in economy class.

More specifically, the formula for flight time vs expectations used to be linear, y=mx+b format. That has been changed to a logarithmic formula. I believe that better represents real life expectations. It will act similar to a linear formula for shorter flight times - meaning expectations increase rather steadily up until around the 10 hour mark - after that the expectations begin to level off.

2) Passengers will now purchase more snacks and beverages on longer flights. Previously they would only buy snacks and beverages 1 time per flight. Now they will buy 1-4 times per flight depending on the length of the flight.

As long as your flight's class reputation meets the passenger expectations for that class, and for that flight length, you will get 100% rep in that class for that flight. A 3 hour flight will not have an expectation of 100%, even for first class. The exact expectations are not published information, but generally, the longer the flight, and the higher the class, the higher the expectations.

You can discuss this change on our forums or on Discord.

January 7, 2019 - New Reputation System Enabled

The new reputation system is now implemented, along with the new star ratings for airlines.

Your airline still has an overall reputation, and in addition to that, you also have a reputation for each class of service. As explained previously your reputation is no longer accumulated for every flight you complete - it is calculated weekly based on the quality of service you offer. An airline with low quality of service (i.e. an LCC) will have a low reputation - this is normal. A full service airline will have a higher reputation, but will also endure higher operational costs.

If you have a low reputation you will likely have to lower ticket prices to maintain high demand.

Please read the game guide for more info on the new reputation system.

Additionally the ability to mass-assign IFS configurations to all flights that fall within the defined default time range and the ability to mass-assign an IFE configuration to all aircraft of that type have both been implemented.

Any questions feel free to ask on our forums or in discord.

December 22, 2018 - In-Flight Service Implemented

In-flight service configurations have now been fully implemented into the game. Previous IFS profiles will no longer work, and have been wiped from the database. To assign an IFS configuration to a particular flight, you have to edit the route, and then you will see all your created IFS configurations in a new dropdown box. Select the configuration you want to assign to the flight, and then save the route. The next time the route schedules, it will schedule with the IFS profile assigned to it, and will calculate IFS costs and revenues accordingly.

For now the flight details page does not show a detailed breakdown of IFS costs and revenues, however that data is stored for each flight, so it is just a matter of editing the page to allow for a more detailed breakdown of financial data for each flight. I will do that at some point in the near future.

I have not yet had time to create the "assign to all" function for IFS profiles, but it is at the top of my list. What this will do is allow you to assign an IFS profile to all flights that fall within the default time frame for that profile, without having to individually edit each route.

In anticipation of the new reputation system which is coming in the very near future, flights will no longer earn reputation. Reputation is going to be calculated based off your average flight rating, which is calculated from your combined IFE and IFS profiles assigned to each flight. Expect the new reputation system to be in place shortly.

For discussion you can join us on Discord or this thread on our forums. Thanks for playing and supporting Airline Enterprise, and I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

December 2, 2018 - Change to Max Ticket Price & December Update

An update was applied to the demand formula today concerning maximum ticket price. Previously the maximum ticket price was simply 3x the "Base price" displayed on the route research page. Base price is a measure of what passengers in the game world expect to pay for any given route. What this hard 3x limit led to was a sheer drop-off of demand at the 3x value, rather than a smooth transition. It also allowed airlines to set ticket prices at 2.99% of the base price and still get 100% loadfactors.

The formula has been changed to a logarithmic formula that will decrease demand as the ticket price approaches that 3x limit. You can no longer simply triple the base price and rake in large amounts of revenue. This is one step towards making the game more difficult and bringing down the massive profit margins we are currently seeing.

Also I want to provide an update on the next major game reset. I am still working on getting IFS configured, so expect to see that update released soon. Shortly after IFS is released I will update the reputation system to a calculated reputation rather than the accumulating system we have now, as described in previous game updates. Sorry for the delays but IFS is taking longer than I anticipated and I do not want to release an unfinished patch.

October 10, 2018 - Gate Quick-Lease

You can now quick-lease dedicated (green) and shared (blue) gates from the gate management page with one click.

All gates leased with the quick-lease method are for 12 months. If you want a shorter term you will have to lease the traditional way.

October 4, 2018 - Gates, Slots & Utilization

We are testing a new slots system that is being integrated with the gates system we already have. This is just a test and is subject to change (changes are already being discussed on our discord chat) but you can see it in action on the gate management page. Dedicated gates give you 10 slots and shared gates give you 1 slot. Each time an aircraft lands, it uses 1 slot. Slot usage is reset each day at 00:00 UTC. The idea being if you over-utilize your slots you will be charged a penalty by the airport, similar to the "landing without an available gate" penalty that we used to have.

September 25, 2018 - Cancel Lease for un-delivered Aircraft

You can now cancel leases of un-delivered aircraft. You will get a 40% discount on the termination fee if you cancel before delivery.

September 2, 2018 - New Scheduling Logic

The new route scheduling logic has been installed into the live game environment. It has been tested, but please do let us know if you run into any issues. Routes may now be up to 48 hours in length - no need to separate longer routes into two separate ones.

Multiple routes can be assigned to the same aircraft on the same day and the game should be able to handle it.

Due to changes in the database structure, the old routes could not be copied over to the new system. I have provided a read-only page where you can view your old routes for reference.