Excel Mad!
OK, so i've managed a crude comparison feture but im going to play around with userforms to make it a little nicer to look at, also the expected profit is coming along but there is a lot of formulas and things i still need to work out. i'll keep you posted
[Image: GA-Embraer-E190-E2.png]
Me again, so this is what ive come up with so far.


[Image: GA-Embraer-E190-E2.png]
Definitely, yes!

I would like you to use the other unit of measurement (Meters, and liters as well).
[Image: iLm5DiL.png]
Yeah not a problem I can sort that out.
[Image: GA-Embraer-E190-E2.png]
after a fair bit of editing and messing around i have changed it as per your request,
I have added the option to change between miles and km etc.
The updated version has been uploaded for you guys from the same link.
[Image: GA-Embraer-E190-E2.png]
Well, I am a massive fan of Excel stuff as well, always trying to get my Plane Spottings into my Excel Database, and just love doing funky stuff.
This is a really cool idea, and I hope that I can use it well to my advantage on Airline Enterprise.
Sidenote: Welcome to the Forums and the Game, glad you're enjoying it! Big Grin
Thanks guys for the enthusiasm and energy you guys are giving me so far, I’m currently trying to make a newer more user friendly version for those who prefer to just see results instead of entering loads of data.
[Image: GA-Embraer-E190-E2.png]
Any news Fangs?

I'm trying with no sucess create my own sheet to calc profit. i see your sheet already have this but in the hidden sheets

Can you post a new version?
I do love a good spreadsheet. I previously made one for helping me calculate IFS costs for this game, but I lost it due to being to trigger happy with the delete button...

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