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Suddenly the load factor for most of the flights scheduled on 21-03-2019 has taken a hit. Later night departures has plummeted. Why is this happening?
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The load factor for flights scheduled on 21st March has taken a hit. The late night departures has gone into red. Why is this happening?
I suspect it is because of the recent marketing update. Your reputation has probably taken a 50% drop, so loadfactor is going down. I think is a slight unrealistic side effect of the new marketing feature Tongue, but since Unk is so kind as to make marketing free for now, just put all your money into the marketing campaigns for now Big Grin
The recent marketing feature update maybe? I did more of an explanation of what I think happened on another thread.
Not sure why load factors would change.

Marketing is not yet connected to load factors in any way so that's not it.
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Maybe marketing affects reputation, and reps affect load factors? IDK XD
Marketing (at this time) only affects airline image, which does not affect loadfactors.
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In overall the load factors for most of the routes(excluding departures between 1am-4am) have come down by 2-5%. And wee hour departures is the one which took big hit. Especially Y & Y+ is zero for many of them. 

This happened exactly after the airline image went down by 50% and when the route scheduler ran the next morning. 

So i suspect something related to this is dragging down. I am not sure what other players are experiencing.
Some flights went from 98% full to lower than 50%.
Hah, so I double checked the code just to be sure and there was a bug where marketing was affecting the class reputations. I've fixed that now so tomorrow things should be back to normal.

You can double check by cancelling flights and re-scheduling them (if the route is not yet in progress) and check if the loadfactors are normal again.

This is what i get for programming late at night  Angel
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise

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