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Is anyone else having issues trying to access the "Route Overview" page? Mine won't load anymore.

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Fly the mild-mannered skies! 
Mine is good.
[Image: iLm5DiL.png]
Me too. Takes a second though
I attached a file of what keeps coming up when I try to access my overview. Takes about 3-5 minutes of loading before that comes up.
Fly the mild-mannered skies! 
How many planes/routes do you have? too many of them could lead to long waiting period and eventually failure to load them. I had this problem when I had lots of planes.
the route overview calculates a lot of things in real-time. I need to update the page so that those values are stored in the database and not calculated by that page. I just haven't found the time to do it yet. It's on my list however.
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