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Pilot training does cost money for your airline I believe. Pilots who join your airline cost training dollars to you, so you don't really need that plane, but if you want you could of course Smile
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how much do they typically spend on one pilot?
It says somewhere that the majority of airlines require a pilot to pay his own cost of training. I wonder if that is true? It would definitely make the game slightly different if it were the case.

I would guess that it would cost the airlines to buy training equipment and packages, though.
Depends. I don't think that pilots have to pay for a type rating on a plane (eg 737 type rating) but they do have to pay to get all the way up to their ATP which is the license in the US you need to fly for an airline (there are similar requirements in other countries). The ATP requires 1500 hours (with a couple exceptions including universities and the military), so it is expensive and tough for a pilot to pay for. However, since the airline chooses what plane the pilot flies, they pay for the type rating on that plane.
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I can only speak about Europe. Here you always have to pay for your type rating in one shape or form.

If you get a job offer from a low cost airline like Ryanair they will ask you to pay for your type rating up front (around 35.000 Euros).

If you get into a more "traditional" airline they will pay for your type rating but then deduct it from your salary until it is paid off. During that time (usually 2 - 5 years) you are not allowed to quit. If you do, you have to pay back the outstanding cost of training.

So, I don't know how it works in other parts of the world, but here in Europe you pretty much always pay for training and then type rating.

Hope this helps.


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