IFS System
I created my IFS configuration, but when I click create it doesn't appear in the IFS configuration page. What must I do?
It should appear after you click create.

Unless we are having the same issue where if you spend too much time on a form, and then submit, it won't work. Maybe that is why...
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Ok then. Thanks!
Hi Admin, hi guys.
In order to save my airline, i have created several IFS profiles, and then assign them to each route (I have about 300 routes).
Now, I see my reputation is 33% ¡¡AND DROPPING!!
i have seen the $$ reports of my flights, and i saw I lost money for both IFE and IFE issues.
¿What's my mistake? I really don't understand how the new system work in order to earn reputation OR/AND earn money.
I'm really lost and dissapointed.
Any good advice will be thanked very much.
I have the same problem. What would be a 100% rep IFS look like? Does it have to be max and free?
Yes I would like to know what kind of IFS gives 100% I have not changed all my routes as I have a lot (thousands)
But all the new routes I create have an IFS and my first class include ceramic plates but my new reputation is 74% but on my airline overview screen in the reputation box it says 100% but the number in blue below that has dropped from 9% to 6% and dropping as I add more routes.
When the new system comes in will my new reputation be 74% or 6% ??
Regarding the calculation of the new reputation:

First be sure to read the game guide regarding the new IFS: https://airlineenterprise.com/guide#5e

IFS is only half of of your reputation. Assuming you have the best possible IFS and no IFE, your reputation would be 50%.

To get a 100% reputation, you would have to offer the best quality product and packaging combinations for each class, for every option. You would also need to offer all 4 classes of service on all of your flights. You would then also need the best possible IFE configuration, selecting the best of each option, for every class.

To do all of that would be exceptionally expensive and not ideal - it is not expected for any airline to have a 100% reputation after this goes into effect. It would be more common to see 20-80% depending on the type of airline you choose to run.
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise
You can now click the [Image: switch.png] button next to an IFS profile to automatically assign that IFS profile to all routes that fall within the defined default time.
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise
YAY! We finally have that feature. Thank you for making that and telling me after I did everything one by one. Smile
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

P.S. may we have the XD emoji?

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