IFS System
Yeah marketing as a tool for raising overall airline reputation as well as individual route reputation is definitely on the list, probably one of the first things to work on once the reset is done.
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Marketing is a good idea for sure - I would highly recommend it.
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So would Shaq

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(10-26-2018, 12:35 AM)Unknown98 Wrote: I want to get this pushed out before December


In other news, I did finish the IFS creation system, so you can create and edit prices of your IFS profiles. Right now I am working on implementing IFS into the flights, which means assigning a reputation to each flight based on the quality of the assigned IFE and IFS profile, as well as implementing the new custom IFS configs into the costs/revenues for each flight (replacing the current IFS costs/revenues that can be seen on the flight details page).

There is just a lot that has to be changed in the code to make all these changes, I already broke the game once earlier today, so trying not to do that again. No ETA but we are getting closer. Then once IFS is said and done I can work on the new reputation system (shouldn't be too difficult) and then political restrictions.
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Good stuff.
Take your time and don't rush. Airline Enterprise is already a great game and I enjoy it a lot.

Is there a timetable for a game reset?
I was really thinking about the IFS, and I find that giving a fixed set of IFS based on flight times is seriously ridiculous. I take an example from Chinese airlines. They give one set of service to domestic flights and literally another set to international flights. For instance a flight between HAK and PEK is 4h, while XMN to BKK is 3h 45mins on average. I once took Xiamen Air from Xiamen to Bangkok before and they served me a meal PLUS a snack consisting of a pack of peanuts later, and I was thinking like that is the airline's norm on flights around the range of 3-5 hours. However, a few weeks later my Friend took the same airline between HAK and PEK (which is a domestic, btw), and she told me she only got one meal aboard. So given such a circumstance under present game mechanics, I would be forced to give the same service to an international flight versus a domestic flight.

Then again, since ticket prices are likely to be similar (unless customised), so I guess that is fine. The most ridiculous situation, however, would be those hovering at around 2 hours. If an aircraft takes less than 2 hours to fly a route while another takes more than 2 hours, than really we would see 2 sets of IFS per route, which is absolutely disgusting.

So how to solve this? I know of one other game who does it by distance, but I was thinking of whether we can customise which route has which set of IFS. Just like how we can change the ticket prices for every flight, similarly I think there should be a way to do so for IFS. We don't have to go the extent of setting a breakfast IFS for morning flights, lunch IFS for afternoon flights etc, but at least it could be something we can set for all flights between destination X and destination Y. This way, we can standardise our IFS (and our route reputation)
You will be able to assign an IFS profile to any route you want regardless of what the default says. The default is just there for people who don't want to micro-manage.
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And also since the drinks have been added to the IFS what would then happen to the bar thing under IFE (and the prices we set there)?
I guess the bar is for people who have an interest in it? And the normal drinks in the IFS is a default thing that all passengers would receive?

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