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International Version of the bimonthly newsletter - May/June Edition

Message from our CEO
As we enter the halfway mark of our busy 2019, we have took this opportunity to revamp our marketing strategies, as well as look at our destination list and really work on serving a bigger customer and expanding our operations.
Despite numerous challenges to our expansion plans, Phoenix Airlines has successfully got the approval to launch numerous routes from our Beijing and Shanghai hubs. These new routes come in line with our plans to connect more people to China, and to strengthen China's position as a future aviation hub. Really unbelievable things are coming your way, as we work on a plan to expand to more destinations to serve all our loyal customers.
In an article later, we also explained our decision to purchase new planes like the B742, showing how much consideration we had in terms of expanding the airline's reach as well as ensuring that the aircraft is well suited to meet our needs. Do read the article to understand more about our fleet!

Route Updates!
Phoenix Airlines is going worldwide! Judging by the consumer demand, we have moved away from expanding our regional routes to go further and international! As a result, we have started to launch new routes worldwide, and made numerous adjustments to our International schedule.
[Image: yco6HtF.png]
Firstly, we look at our European routes. Moving away from London, we have added Tel Aviv in Israel, Helsinki in Finland, and Athens in Greece to our destination list as part of our expansion into Europe. These routes are part of our plans to connect China to Europe. President Xi Jinping promised to restore the land Silk Road between China and Europe. Now, we will create the Silk Road of the air, as we gain access to more airports in Europe. Stay tuned for more flights into European airports such as Munich, Madrid, Rome, Dublin and Frankfurt!
[Image: 2J9jVAI.png]
Next, we look at our routes into USA and Australia. As part of our plans to connect Asia and Oceania to North America, we have included this two markets on our radar, and considered how we would best serve these two markets. As part of our plans to bring the Phoenix Airline brand to America, we will now offer thrice weekly flights into LA and Phoenix Sky Harbor from Shanghai Pudong. Together with this expansion into America, we will also be offering four times weekly flights into Perth and Sydney from our Shanghai headquarters. These routes will take effect on the 30th August 2019, subject to approval from regulatory authorities.
[Image: K0TxM5l.png]
Not forgetting our regional routes, we will also be offering flights into Jeju, Seoul and Osaka, starting on 14th May 2019. Furthermore, we have more planned flights into Manila, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Singapore and Hanoi along the way, allowing for better connectivity from China into our regional destinations!

Phoenix Airline is looking forward to your opinions! Do you have a destination in mind you want us to serve? You may contact us on our Facebook page, as well as the contact page on our website! If your suggestion is taken up by us, you will stand a chance to win Phoenix Business tickets to that destination! We look forward to hearing more from you.

Phoenix Airlines signs agreement to purchase used aircraft to help in airline's expansion
As part of Phoenix Airline's expansion plans, we have decided to purchase more used aircraft to complement our fleet. These used aircraft purchase are part of our efforts to serve our passengers effectively without having to use poorly maintained aircraft. These used aircraft are carefully selected to ensure the good maintenance of the frame, as well as ensuring that there are little faults with our aircraft. While we are purchasing the aircraft and using aged aircraft, we ensure that the aircraft is safe and airworthy.
Phoenix Airlines will be purchasing a number second-hand Boeing 747-200s as well as Douglas DC-8-73s, both of which are selected for their range and relatively lower fuel requirements. These aircraft will be refitted with seats and repainted to ensure they look as good as new. These aircraft would eventually be replaced with other newer and more fuel efficient planes as time goes by.
International Version of the bimonthly newsletter - July/August Edition

Letter from a Phoenix Airline passenger
I still remember the first time I flew Phoenix Airline. At that point in time I was going to Tel Aviv for a business trip as well as to watch the 2019 Eurovision song contest. I had an option of flying with Phoenix Airline as they were one of the 2 airlines that flew to the location. As I did not fly with either airlines before, I decided to try it out, flying Phoenix Airline on my return from Tel Aviv.
I still remember when I went to the departure gate and saw the Super 70 aircraft on the tarmac. Being born in that era, I have taken flights on Douglas' Super 60/70 series, but after so many years I never expected to see another Super 70, let alone have a ride on it. Of course, everyone may feel the creeps taking a flight on such an old aircraft, but I having rode a Concorde to Tel Aviv, I decided to gamble again to see how this flight would feel.
Having purchased a EconomyFlex ticket, I was presently surprised to see less than 100 seats in the aircraft. Compared against many modern B757 aircraft operated by other airlines, this aircraft clearly has much lesser seats than others. The legroom provided for my seat is so huge that I thought I purchased a Business Class ticket instead. (It was comparable to the other airline's Economy Premium, but I paid slightly more than half that price for this ticket) The seat also features huge recline that allows me to take a nap quite comfortably.
When taking such a full service airline, one thing that I am always particularly concerned about is the airline's In-Flight Entertainment System. I was presently shocked when I realised how many movies and television drama series it offered, including popular series like the recent Chinese drama series Eternal Love, as well as the popular blockbuster Avengers:Infinity War. I was also able to catch up on another television singing competition, Produce Camp 2019! Although the screen was a bit small and picture quality not as good as some other airlines, overall it was quite a nice experience given the variety of shows and songs featured on the Entertainment system.
The food offered was good. I was given an option between Baked Cheese Rice with Pork and Meatball Spaghetti. I chose the Baked Cheese Rice, and was pleasantly surprised to see it offered hot (just like out of the oven). The cheese rice also tasted quite nice, and was quite comparable to the cheese rice we can get in restaurants. The air stewards and stewardess was also really nice, helping me recline my seat when I didn't know how to do so, and providing me with various drinks that I requested throughout the flight. Having 2 stewardess to my EconomyFlex section also helped to ensure that our requests were attended to quickly.
Overall, the experience was a really good one. I chose to sign up with their Phoenix Club membership, as well as booked tickets with the airline for my next trip to Nur-sultan! Thank you Phoenix Airlines for providing me with a good flying experience!

More routes with our DC 8-73
After much consideration, Phoenix Airlines has decided to purchase more DC-8-73 and make this Super 70 aircraft a mainstay of our airline. Currently, our aircraft is on a 81-seat four class configuration, but we will be retrofitting the aircraft to a 141-seat three class configuration to better serve your needs.
As following will be the routes that will be served with the DC-8-73. Please take note that some routes have time changes as highlighted in Yellow. Affected passengers will have been informed via email about the changes. Thank you.
[Image: q2i0sc9.jpg]
Adjustments to flight timings - 10th July 2019
Phoenix Airlines is currently transforming its operations to streamline the operations. This involves changing aircraft types for certain flights, launching certain new routes, as well as moving the aircrafts back to China bases for overseas-based aircrafts.
During this period (between July and August 2019), certain routes may be adjusted at short notice. Some flights are adjusted to ensure that the connecting passengers can reduce their waiting time at our hub airports. Affected passengers have been informed by the change a few weeks ago, and passengers making reservations for these flights online have noted that there is a warning when booking, that times might change at short notice. For this round of changes, we will be adding 2 new flights, as well as re-timing some of our other flights. These changes take effect 10th July 2019, with the exception of the new flights to Baku and Vladivostok, which begins on the 13th. Please see below for the changes, as highlighted in yellow. Thank You.
[Image: Q0nTOGu.png]
Plans for North American operations revealed in exclusive interview.

New York City - In an exclusive interview with the New York Times, Chairman of Phoenix Airlines Group Mr Zhou Litian has highlighted that Phoenix Airlines has huge plans for a large-scale "invasion" of North America, including a launch of flights from 6 "selected" cities to no less than 11 cities in United States.
Mr Zhou, in the interview, highlighted how the North American market has always been a market that they have been targeting at, and that they have already made a master plan to launch numerous flights into United States. "Feeder traffic from the North American nations, especially United States, have always been something that the airline has always been targeting for. Utilising China as a connection hub into Asia and Oceania is something that Phoenix Airlines wants to achieve, and this is why the plans for North America has long been laid out," he replied, when asked about the importance of USA as a market. "Unlike our plans for other regions, we have a detailed list of routes that we plan to launch and hubs that would allow our inbound traffic from North America to transit to plans to Asia and Oceania. Our first flights to Phoenix and Los Angeles, coming soon in August, are just the tip of the iceberg." He added that the cities the airline intends to serve include Boston, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Denver, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Houston, as well as Toronto, Vancouver and Mexico City in the neighbouring North American countries. "In fact, we will soon be opening reservations for flights from Beijing to Vancouver and Los Angeles, and we plan to launch them by Winter 2019," he added. "And we are in discussions for a possible double-airport situation in New York."
Mr Zhou also made no secret about his plans to purchase different widebodies from Boeing and Airbus. "Currently, we have firm agreements for Boeing 777-9 as well as the A330-900neo. We have also made other agreements with both companies which will be announced at a later date. Together with our second-hand 747s, this would allow us to increase our capacity." He also talked about the airline's plans to fly to smaller regional airports around the world. "First Tel Aviv, then Nur-sultan, now Baku. Someone has been asking me if Tehran would be next on the list," he joked. "Honestly, I believe that small airports and unconventional destinations need to be served, and therefore we would surprise you every now and then with new routes. Alexandria and Ankara would definitely be locations you can look forward to."
To round up the interview, there was also a brief talk about the opening of Beijing Daxing International Airport. "We don't think we would be moving to the new airport, we should be staying at Beijing Capital unless the situation calls for it. However, the opening of the airport would definitely benefit China's aviation industry as a whole, and we look forward to the opening on the 30th of September."
Announcement of new flights
Vancouver - Phoenix Airlines has announced more flights to North America, with the launch of flights from Beijing to Los Angeles, as well as flights from Beijing and Shanghai to Vancouver. These are part of Phoenix Airlines' attempt to connect North America to Asia, utilising China as a transit hub for the passengers going between both countries.
At Vancouver Airport today, the airport authorities and the Phoenix Airlines management signed an agreement to welcome Phoenix Airlines into the airport, starting with a PVG-YVR route that has a 1 time frequency on a brand-new Airbus A350-900, which was recently delivered to the airline as part of a lease agreement with BOC Aviation. The A350-900's addition to Phoenix Airlines' fleet would help to boost the airline's capacity in terms of long haul traffic, and further boost the airline's position as one of China's best airlines. 
The A350-900, currently leased but will soon become fully owned by the airline, boost Phoenix Airlines' award-winning Phoenix Suites, as well as the "half-suite" variation of in the Business class. Seating only 188 passengers as compared to the aircraft's exit limit of 440, it definitely boosts a less dense configuration that features huge seat pitch and seat width that is definitely incomparable as compared to other airlines' average of 250 passengers. 
Phoenix Airlines will fly the A350 on its Shanghai-Vancouver route, starting on the 15th July. It will then be followed by a Beijing-Vancouver route complimenting the Shanghai route, which will start with 4 times weekly on the B747 aircraft. Furthermore, apart from the confirmed flights to Los Angeles from Shanghai, the airline will also launch the Beijing-Los Angeles route, which will operate 3 times weekly. The schedule for these 3 flights can be seen below. You may also see our full flight schedule here: Phoenix Airlines' Flight Schedule.
Reservations for these 3 flights will begin on 14th July 2019, 1200 UTC.

Flight Schedule (IATA)
Beijing - Los Angeles (begins 29th July 2019)
PF535 PEK 0840 LAX 0500 742 257
PF536 LAX 0630 PEK 0850 (+1) 742 257

Beijing - Vancouver (begins 29th July 2019)
PF581 PEK 1020 YVR 0500 742 1346
PF582 YVR 0630 PEK 0710 (+1) 742 1346

Shanghai - Vancouver (begins 15th July 2019)
PF583 PVG 2220 YVR 1755 359 Daily
PF584 YVR 1920 PVG 2055 (+1) 359 Daily

Flight Schedule (ICAO)
Beijing - Los Angeles (begins 29th July 2019)
CPN535 ZBAA 0840 KLAX 0500 B742 257
CPN536 KLAX 0630 ZBAA 0850 (+1) B742 257

Beijing - Vancouver (begins 29th July 2019)
CPN581 ZBAA 1020 CYVR 0500 B742 1346
CPN582 CYVR 0630 ZBAA 0710 (+1) B742 1346

Shanghai - Vancouver (begins 15th July 2019)
CPN583 ZSPD 2220 CYVR 1755 A359 Daily
CPN584 CYVR 1920 ZSPD 2055 (+1) A359 Daily

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