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Trip Report Barcelona, Spain to Seoul South Korea with a Stop over in Tel Aviv.

It is time for an other trip report and this time I had to head to South Korea right after completing a yacht repair in Barcelona. So yes a little annoying not to head back home, but such is life and well it gave me a chance to fly a brand new airline in the form of Shaylyn. A decisively more premium oriented carrier going by their prices at least (mind you this was a as last minute as last minute trips can be) from Israel operating from Tel Aviv. I will say when my tickets came in from the office I was a little concerned seeing I had just over half an hour to make the transfer at Tel Aviv. However tickets on the phone I got my well stocked overnight bag and my tool bag and headed out to the airport.

Once at the airport and past all the regular non sense it was time to relax a little, now for this trip I was granted business class tickets, I guess it was the cheapest option left, but hey who is going to complain about getting some extra luxury including lounge access. Now it is clear they simply signed a deal with some of the local lounges, but well to my limited experience with those it was great, some free drinks and food (Flight departed at 1205, but airline food is airline food, so I rather eat some in advance) and I was content. A little while later boarding was called and I arrived at the gate greeted by some friendly ground staff and get a look at the airplane for my first leg of the trip an Airbus A220-300 formerly known as the Bombardier CS300. It looks as brand new as it is and boarding goes smoothly and relaxed, you never feel like you are being rushed as is often the case these days.

Onboard the seats are on the smaller scale, but then it is a smaller aircraft so there are some concessions to be made. Comfort however is excellent and they come with a feature I would rate just about above all others, heating and cooling. Aircraft cabin temperatures are generally either to hot or more likely to cold so this is something I could defiantly get used to. Anyhow it is time to get going and soon we are in the air and on our way to Tel Aviv. I get used to the excellent onboard entertainment system which unlike the heated and cooled seats is the same across all classes I am told. However while some movies would be fun I got some work to do so I log into the unlimited onboard WIFI and get down to work. As I do this the cabin crew make their rounds and I am well taken care off, one thing I did notice is how each seat has a small slider, you use this to indicate if you want any service when they make their scheduled routes and in between you can always ask if you need anything. Now I passed on the offered lunch having had some before take off, but the drinks and snacks are excellent, I even considered to try some scotch, but decided I would better not.

Overall the first leg was a smooth trip with no turbulence to deal with and I got  lot of work done that needing doing. I will say though when we went onto our approach to Tel Aviv I did feel a little nervous, after all it remains a highly unstable region. Of course experts and aviation geeks will come up with a 1001 reasons why it would be very safe from aircraft with missile defenses and what not, but honestly that doesn't really take away that gut feeling. I did ask about those defenses by the way, but I was politely told they couldn't comment on such matters, which I guess is as much of a confirmation as we will ever get. Landing however was smooth and safe and soon it was time to depart the aircraft, transferring passengers myself included where given priority and I gladly took it.

Walking through the Terminal it just gave you that feeling this was a different sort of place, it was a mix between the things you could see and the feeling of all the things you couldn't see. However I made it through without to much trouble picking up a new charging cable for my phone on the way as it once again had broken off (Iphone charging cables suck, but business device so no choice). At the gate boarding had already started, but again it felt relaxed beside the security (Seriously there is a lot of it). Now the plane for my next leg was not exactly brand new, in fact it had quite some years under it's wings, but you wouldn't be able to tell from the outside or the inside.

Speaking of the inside the seats where clearly larger making use of the larger aircraft, but beyond that there was really no telling them apart so I settled in much like I had done before and hoped my bags would make the transfer just fine. Now as I said most things where the same so I will not be repeating myself, but you do notice it is an older aircraft by the cabin pressure so that is one thing. The one thing I did get to try (cause well I got hungry) was the food, now seeing my tickets where last minuted I didn't get to pre pick my meals as they offer, but they still had a small selection for me to pick from. Deciding to go with safe I chose a Thai style curry for my main, just some salad for my starter and a brownie to finish it off. Quite the plain choice (They have clearly more exotic things, but that is not for me), but I will say it didn't disappoint it was and always will be airplane food, but as far as airplane food goes I would rate it amongst the top. I also dove a bit more into the entertainment systems and had a few watched before I decided to get some shut eye, a lot of work would be waiting for me on arrival and millionaires hate waiting to get their yachts fixed even though 90% of the time they are the ones breaking it.

So in conclusion with no doubt a bit of a biased few cause I got to fly business class, I really enjoyed my trip with my Shaylyn and it seems they are really pulling out all the possible stops to make an impact on the market. Now I might get to take a trip back with them to head home, but that all depends on how things will work out here, cause I just did my initial inspection and this engine room is a mess, might not even be able to safe it, but we shall see. This is your resident yacht mechanic and frequent flyer signing off. 

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