What a week
This week has been pretty sad - I believe there have been six aviation incidents/accidents:

Miami Air Boeing 737-800 runway excursion

Aeroflot SuperJet 100 fire

Aerolineas Argentinas A330 Incident

Private Jet Crash in Las Vegas

Private jet crash in Mexico

Biman Dash-8 Runway excursion

Anyone know of any more?

Anyone know of a worse week in history in terms of number of incidents/accidents?

So sad that all this equipment was lost and all these lives were ended.
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These all happened within a week?!!
I believe so. Or close to a week, anyhow.
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What happened with Aerolineas Argentinas? All I can find is lightning struck a plane in Miami but nobody was hurt
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I believe it was the lighting. Doesn't really count I guess, but still noteworthy I guess. Nah probably not, but still a crazy week.
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Now we can add one more to the list... The Myanmar Airlines' E190 aircraft had a problem with its front wheels and landed only on the back, luckily without any casualties.
Saw that. No one died though, thank goodness.
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It has certainly been a crazy few weeks. I hope this will mean we now go a long time without incident!

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